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  Amazon's Targets Artisans and Makers
Believe it or not, some people enjoy watching others play video games, and there's an app for that called Twitch. Now the service, which is owned by Amazon, is catering to those who like to watch creative people make things, including art, leather goods, and even music and food.

Etsy Changes Search Algorithm - What Sellers Need to Know
Etsy is now factoring in seller performance and customer experience factors into its search engine algorithm. On Wednesday, Etsy announced changes that will impact the order of listings in search results - here's what you need to know.

USPS Kicks Off Holiday TV Commercials
The US Postal Service kicked off a holiday marketing campaign this week featuring television commercials. See what it chose to highlight in the ads to appeal to online holiday shoppers.

eBay Sellers: Beware of Different Ship-to Address
eBay plays an unwitting role in triangulation fraud, according to security expert and blogger Brian Krebs, who warns that sellers should be wary of shoppers who ask to send their orders to a different address from their billing address.


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