We're a small business focused on solving problems. One of the biggest
problems we encountered was losing eBay auctions because the auction
ended and we were unable to place our bids.

What was the most common reason that we were unable to place our bids?
We wanted to bid, but when we remembered, the auction was already over!

So we came up with IZA-BIZA.com, pronounced i-za-by-za or izza-bizza. It was
the best solution, because it contacts people with a device that EVERYONE owns,
a phone!

As long as you have access to phone, regardless of where you are, you will get
notified, and you'll never miss that auction again.

It is a great tool for buyers, but we soon realized it was equally beneficial
for sellers! So whether you are a buyer or seller, you'll find this tool
extremely useful for yourself or potential customers.

We want to hear from you on how to improve our site, please send us your comments
and suggestions.

Enjoy our free service, and please spread the word!